Monday, September 1, 2008

Romantic showdown: Grand gestures vs little moments

Thanks to television and romance novels, most of us have dreamed of grand romantic gestures of one sort or another. You know the kind - a scattered carpet of rose pedals leading to a canopy bed or a serenade outside the window. Monumental, once in a lifetime romance.

But few things put a sparkle in our eyes like little romantic gestures - the everyday romance things like holding hands over a home-cooked meal and having doors opened for us - which can be as regular as a heartbeat.

So which is it? Grand or little? A once in a lifetime moment or a lifetime full of moments?

What are the romantic gestures that get your heart pumping, your breath catching or your mind spinning? And why?

Be romantic, be creative, be candid!

Personally, I love the little things, but never turn my nose up at a grand romantic gesture when it came a knocking!

Most romantic gesture - when Hubby blow dries my hair. Why that? Because he knows I love it, I know he'd rather be doing just about anything else, but he does it anyway, and for as long as I want!

Now that's romantic!

What about you?


Steve N. Lee

I'm afraid I don't go in for the grand romantic stuff - no candlelit dinners, no surprise trips to Paris, and seldom even flowers.

I have serenaded Ania. And spoken French. But I'm afraid that was more to tease and leg pull than to romance!


I regularly hide little gifts for Ania to find; we always hold hands whenever we go out; every night we cuddle up together to watch TV.

I prefer small gestures to big ones.

My biggest romantic gesture? Ania is Polish; I'm English - before she moved to England, I once paid her a surprise visit in Poland.

Steve N. Lee
author of eco-blog
and suspense thriller 'What if...?'


My hubby isn't one for showing romance in Grand gesture style. This is us...we hold hands watching tv. We hold hands out walking. I receive little gifts every now and then that do not cost a lot but have a meaning behind them, after nearly 30yrs of marriage that's romance.

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