Friday, August 29, 2008

And we think we invented this stuff!

Every age likes to think they're different than the one before - than all the ones before. My generation likes to think we're more open than our parents were. Certainly less inhibited than our grandparents were.

But are we right?

I used to think so, then I came upon the most extraordinary thing - a four-minute animated porn film from 1929 featuring a cartoon character named Eveready Harton.

If you've never seen the Eveready Harton cartoon - it's known variously as Buried Treasures or Pecker Island - you're not alone.

The frankly funny but raunchy cartoon wasn't meant for public viewing, but rather was created anonymously as a sort of booby-prize - part of a tribute to cartoonist Winsor McCay.

But all that changed with the internet. LOL

Thanks to the internet, Eveready Harton is having something of a rebirth, and encouraging every generation to rethink the straight-laced boxes they put their predecessors in!



Ohh, I love historical sex. Thanks for posting this! If you ever need further proof that we did not invent this stuff, go to the Museum of Sex in NYC (MoSex) or the Museum of Sex and Health in South Korea!


Kesumo - Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. I've never been to either museum, but have heard great things about them lol. Perhaps this winter when I'm in the Big Apple...

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