Saturday, August 23, 2008

Life in the buff

What do you sleep in?

I used to sleep in sweats. No kidding! Big. bulky, shapeless sweats. Then my husband convinced me I should sleep naked. I tried it and, altho I'd like to say I liked it right away, that'd be a lie.

Sleeping naked made me feel...well, naked.

I suppose it has to do with being a mom. I'd gotten used to having the kids pop in at odd times, or - worse still - having to run to their rooms at some unexpected noise. Taking the time to get dressed each time seemed silly.

Thank goodness the kids grew up!

These days, we're empty nesters, which means - apart from making sure the shades are drawn - we can walk around the house naked anytime we like!

About a hundred years ago, I published an essay about nakedness. I searched through old files and found it and have added it to my list of reads on the sidebar.

Funny how my thoughts on nudity have changed since then!



I couldn't get onto the sidebar link.
We always sleep in the nuddy now the kids are no longer about but in the cold winter in the Cypriot hills we wear pjs. The thought of pjs in the heat here is unbearable. When we first married and had kids it was very proper nightie for the reasons you say. I prefer the cotton sheet and nudy rudies as my kids used to say ;)

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